Brands We Love: Newport Sea Salt Co

Matt Mullins at Work

Combine Newport, Rhode Island’s pristine Brenton Reef with Newport Sea Salt Co. founder, Matthew Mullins, and you have a brand that has as much passion behind it as there are waves in the ocean - ENDLESS. Can you tell City Pier Seafood loves this brand? We really do.

Newport Sea Salt Co. specializes in finishing salts, ranging from 100% Pure Sea Salt to the most delicious blends, including Rosemary Thyme, Bella Napoli, Fire Salt, and more. You see, these salts are not what you find at a grocery store. Finishing salts are hand-harvested, crafted in small batches by an artisan, contain trace minerals, and have a unique flavor and texture.

Newport Sea Salt Co. harvests off of the most southern point on Aquidneck Island. Surrounded by the open ocean, the water is quick and clean. Through the area’s natural filtration system of shellfish and eel grasses, Newport Sea Salt Co. is able to practice top-of-the-line harvesting standards, with a view that can’t be beat.

Matthew Mullins has a deep history with the sea. After serving twenty years as a U.S. Naval Officer, there was no future reality he could foresee that didn’t include a connection to the ocean. Having also studied oceanography in college and having a passion for cooking, his vision of harvesting sea salt was an absolute no-brainer. 

It’s truly something special when one’s meal is prepared with ingredients that are not only clean, sustainable and traceable, but prepared and provided by people who care. This is a sentiment that both City Pier Seafood and Newport Sea Salt Co. share a passion for.

“Newport Sea Salt Co. is real and unprocessed, it has a wonderful briny taste and a delicately crunchy texture. Regardless if you’re a seasoned restaurant chef or a kitchen weekend warrior, it will only require a few flakes of our Reef to Table sea salt to enhance the flavor of any dish!” 

Taste and see why Newport Sea Salt is a Brand We Love. 

April 30, 2021
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