Brands We Love: SalterieOne

Brands We Love: SalterieOne
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We have your new secret weapon, and all it takes is a pinch. SalterieOne sea salts are extraordinarily bright, flaky, and flavorful.

Born in the historic coastal community of Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts, SalterieOne’s Classic Sea Salt and original seasoning blends are crafted from pristine source waters using a natural, proprietary salt making process. 

The people at SalterieOne are pretty great, too.

Clean, nutrient-rich Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts

Just as the richest, most flavorful coffee comes from coffee trees grown in the best possible climate, origin and place are also integral to the character and flavor profile of sea salt. Duxbury Bay is one of those special places where the magic happens.

SalterieOne’s clean taste and key mineral makeup is defined by Duxbury Bay’s high tidal activity. Every six hours, high tide replenishes the bay with fresh ocean waters; another six hours later, the bay recedes into low tide and the cycle repeats an hour later. This consistent, natural renewal creates the ideal environment for marine life, including millions of oysters who naturally purify its waters.

A single oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day!

Time, patience and a little magic: SalterieOne’s proprietary process

You can’t rush great sea salt. 

That’s why SalterieOne slowly heats its source water to create a rich brine. Over time, sea salt flakes are formed and gently gathered by experienced Salt Harvesters to retain the texture and shape of each delicate flake. Finally, precise heating removes any remaining moisture yet retains flavorful mineral content. Essential minerals and micronutrients, plus delicious ocean-fresh flavor, are the final result of the fine craftsmanship process. 

Of course, even the most innovative process would mean nothing without great people. Women-owned and operated, the SalterieOne team is rooted in craftsmanship and a commitment to healthy, all-natural sea salts that elevate cooking and dining experiences.

Grab a classic or enjoy sea salt blends for every season

SalterieOne’s anchor product, Classic Sea Salt, is simply divine: pure, flaky sea salt with a bright, fresh taste and clean finish. 

But the artisan salt makers at SalterieOne like to spice things up too. They create original seasoning blends that combine their Classic Sea Salt with herbs and spices to make it easy for you to transform everyday meals into gourmet delights, in just a pinch!

For example, their Seasonal Sea Salt Sampler brings each of the four seasons to life, like the Autumn Blend with paprika, dill, chili powder, and black peppercorn. Their Compass Collection offers blends that are directionally inspired, so you can look to North, East, South, and West for cooking ideas. All of their blends are offered in a variety of vessels, but the most adorable for your counter is their glass spoon jar, which has a cork top and a small spoon for easy measuring. The Sea Salt Sampler makes a great gift and so does the Golden Duo, which includes Classic Sea Salt in a spoon jar, a gold-rimmed up-cycled oyster shell from Duxbury Bay, and a gold-tipped wooden salt spoon. 

See for yourself why SalterieOne is a Brand We Love!

Shop SalteriOne Sea Salts here

Visit SalterieOne to learn more and shop their full assortment.

October 13, 2021
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