Entertaining This Holiday Season? Make It Simple, Easy and Stress-Free

Entertaining This Holiday Season? Make It Simple, Easy and Stress-Free

It’s that time of year again. We love it, we hate it, we can’t live without it.

The holidays are bound to be busy, especially if you’re entertaining guests, but City Pier is here to help. Stay cool, calm, and collected with these tips and techniques.

Plan ahead, prep ahead, and enjoy a little culinary support

How many times can one person go to the grocery store, and how many different meals and appetizers can one person prepare in a day? It’s not a test we’re interested in taking.

To avoid last-minute car trips and kitchen chaos, plan, shop, and prep foods in advance. There’s no shame in getting a little extra help too, like with City Pier’s Easy Entertaining Kit.

The Easy Entertaining Kit works like magic. Order online and enjoy a variety of ready-to-eat and ready-to-make dishes and appetizers. Enjoy Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp with Pepper Jack Cheese, Bacon-Wrapped Scallops, Lobster Crostini, Coquille St. Jacques, and a pound each of Wild Caught Extra Jumbo Shrimp and Sea Scallops.

The Kit also comes with SalterieOne’s Sea Salt Duo, Blount Clam Shack Cocktail Sauce, a two-pack of cedar planks, and valuable coupons for even more holiday savings. 

More importantly, it arrives at your door on the day and time of your choosing!

Family and friends coming for an extended stay? Fill your home with joyful fun

Happy guests are easy guests, am I right?

If family and friends are visiting for the holidays, fun and games will help keep the peace. Pipe holiday music through common areas, make board games visible and accessible, and have gear on hand for outdoor fun.

Heck, you can even kick them out of the house for a while. Offer suggestions for nearby activities, like sledding, shopping, and movies.

Be your own guest: treat yourself the way you treat others

We saved the best for last, but you should always come first. In order to take care of guests, you have to take care of yourself. 

Have a morning exercise routine? How about an evening yoga practice? If you do, keep at it. If you don’t, the holidays are a good time to start. And don’t forget your emotional health too. Feeling stressed? Pick up the phone and talk to a friend or meet pals for coffee in the morning, before the madness starts.

Taking care of number one isn’t only healthy; it’ll help you give others your absolute best.

October 18, 2021
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