How to Throw the Best Under-The-Sea Party Ever

How to Throw the Best Under-The-Sea Party Ever

She loves the ocean, especially the whales and sharks. His favorite book is The Big Book of the Blue. Both children would be happy as a clam playing on the beach all day.

Ready to throw the best under-the-sea birthday party ever? Get started with these fun and easy ideas.

Decorate! Make Your Home Feel Like an Underwater Oasis

Use the walls and ceilings to create a fun underwater world. For example, make a “wave border” using a butcher roll; paint it blue, cut into the shape of waves, and tape it to the wall.

Is your child a fan of octopuses, whales, mermaids or sailing ships? Whatever he or she geeks out on, create shapes out of paperboard and hang them from the ceiling.

Be Playful! Include Fun Activities Kids Will Love

You’ve heard of pin the tail on the donkey, but what about pin the fin on the dolphin? 

Practically any classic children’s game or activity can be made sea-worthy—like a treasure hunt. Bury sea shells, old coins, wrapped candy, and ocean-related figurines in a sandbox or other container, and let the kids explore. Or play octopus tag

Adults, you can get in on the action, too. Give kids a thrill in a dolphin costume or dress up like a pirate and regale them with tales of your seafaring life.

And don’t forget the music. City Pier Seafood’s own Kitch’n Kidz Dance Party curates fun, danceable tunes with ocean themes.

Feed ‘em right! Make fun birthday meals, snacks and desserts

Kid-friendly recipes like chunky fish fingers, air fryer popcorn shrimp, and shrimp pizza make eating seafood fun and healthy.

You can also give other foods a “fishy” flair. Use a star cookie cutter to turn sandwiches, cookies and brownies into starfish or prepare Martha’s Fish Bowl Gelatin.

If you’re ordering in, turn your attention to plating. Serve food in paper treasure chests or glass bowls that mimic small aquariums, or purchase ocean-themed paper plates, napkins and placemats.

Give ‘em fun stuff! Find the perfect presents and party favors

Is there a young ship captain, fisherman or Jacque Cousteau 2.0 in the house? Feed their curiosity with ocean-themed children’s books. There are options galore to choose from

Perhaps your young one is a burgeoning home chef. City Pier’s own Kitch’n Kidz Family Medley, Mini Medley and Chef Creativity Kit make cooking fun and easy. Each Medley comes with a Kitch’n Kidz apron and chef’s hat, ocean animal stickers, and, of course, fresh seafood delivered right to your door. 

As for party favors, use your imagination. Get creative—like these folks—or find inexpensive options online

September 2, 2021
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