Delicious seafood dinners made simple. Impress your family (and friends) with chef inspired, pre-seasoned seafood entrees that go from freezer to plate in 20 minutes or less. Try one, better yet - try them all.
Ready-to-Eat seafood made perfect for a time-crunch. Simply toss into a salad, serve with pasta, or plate them with a wedge of lemon or a piece of artisan bread. So simple and so fresh.
Seafood Salads
Fresh Seafood Salads shouldn't be reserved for vacations by the sea. City Pier offers THE most incredible premium Seafood Salads. Serve on buttered toasted rolls or add to a garden salad.
Brands We Love
City Pier is proud to endorse and offer a curated assortment of the products we love from the brands we love. Add one or two to your cart. you'll be glad you did.
Kitch'n Kidz
A new program to help parents expand children's palates beyond chicken fingers & fries, hot dogs, and boxed mac and cheese.
Products, ingredients and fresh ideas to enhance and simplify the preparation of seafood. City Pier makes it easy for everyone to enjoy the simple pleasure of seafood, no matter where you live.