Cooked Lobster Meat

Frozen  |  ITEM #CPZLOB2000

PLEASE NOTE: - This product arrives frozen. Whether you're entertaining, or if you just love fresh, premium lobster, this 2lb vacuum-packed lobster meat will be sure to please. We love it on a simple salad with a little sliced avocado, and it's delicious lightly dressed and piled high on a soft roll. Another treat? Mix it with any of the three flavors of Mac & Cheese we offer from Blount Fine Foods. It won't be summer without the indulgent treat of fresh, delicious lobster! About 11 servings.

  • United States
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Storing Instructions: Keep Frozen
Thawing Instructions: Do Not Refreeze, Preferred Method: Remove From Packaging and Thaw in Refrigerator for Approximately 24 Hours, Quick Method: Thaw In Package in a Bowl of Cold Water, Change Water Every 30 Minutes
Number of Servings: 11
Did you know that lobsters will keep growing forever?
Species and Sustainability Information
  • Species: Lobster
  • Scientific Name: Homarus americanus
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Seasonal Availability: Year-Round
Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Lobster Meat, Claw & Knuckle, Cooked, frozen

Nutrition Facts
Allergens and Dietary Information
  • Contains: Crustacean Shellfish
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