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Life's a Beach for Emily De Sousa - Food, Wine and Adventure Collage
Life's a beach. Or, in Emily De Sousa's case, it's an opportunity to explore coastal communities and seafood from around the world.
As the creator of Seaside with Emily, she travels to national and international destinations, and reports back with powerful stories and creative inspiration. Virtual passage to the world's most beautiful beaches and authentic dining spots is as easy as a 300-word blog post and delicious seafood recipes.
Pan-seared scallops from British Columbia? No problem.
Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowls? You betcha.
Good old fashioned New England Lobster Rolls? Heck yes.
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Since launching Seaside with Emily in 2015, Emily has visited 22 countries, published over 400 blog posts, given a TEDx talk, and been a featured speaker at the Women in Travel Summit.
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Emily De Sousa Snorkeling in Pristine Blue Waters

Emily's love for the ocean and the planet makes her keen on protecting the environment. She offers practical advice for travelers who want to reduce their environmental impact and, for home chefs, a variety of sustainable seafood resources.

Wondering why sustainability is so important or which sustainable seafood labels share your personal values? Her complimentary Sustainable Seafood Guide tells it like it is and makes responsible shopping easier than ever.

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Explore the Great Resources You'll Find on Seaside with Emily
Explore the Great Resources You'll Find on Seaside with Emily
Thanks to Seaside with Emily, we can enjoy the world's finest seafood dishes, whether travelling or from the comforts of our home kitchens. Better still, we can do so while protecting the communities and cuisines that we care about.