Product Information

Is the seafood I'm ordering sustainably sourced?
It is-and we are so proud of this!
Do you sell wild caught and farm raised seafood?
Yes. We offer a wide assortment of both wild caught and farm raised seafood. And, no, it's not bad for you and the environment! Really, or we wouldn't be supporting it.
Can I freeze the fresh ready-to-eat cooked fish, shellfish and seafood salads?
For the best taste and highest quality experience, we do not recommend you freeze any of the ready to eat products we offer.
Where are your Fresh Salads made?
Fresh Seafood salads are hand prepared in an incredibly safe and secure area of our facility where extreme standards are met to ensure your food is prepared and packaged safely. If you haven't tried our seafood salads, you must!
Where does City Pier get its seafood?
Because City Pier is the direct-to-consumer division of Raw Seafoods, Inc, we have the unique and incredible opportunity to offer the highest quality, premium seafood from the most reputable, and sustainably sourced harvesters and fisheries in the world!
Why is buying fresh seafood from City Pier a good idea?
Well - for one thing, City Pier Seafood has access to and relationships with the highest quality fisheries and harvesters in the world.
How often is fresh seafood delivered to City Pier?
Every day! EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!
What kind of bacon is used on the bacon-wrapped products?
Our (amazing!) bacon-wrapped products are hand-wrapped using par-cooked hickory-smoked bacon. Using par-cooked bacon ensures your bacon-wrapped scallops and shrimp are cooked to perfection, without overcooking the seafood.
Where are the butters made for the Bake in Bag entrees?
Our compound butters are made fresh right here at our processing facility using only the highest quality combinations of herbs and spices.