Kitch'n Kidz Mini Medley

Frozen  |  ITEM #CPKKMM1000

The Kitch'n Kidz Mini Medley is a perfect bundle to "gift" to a little one you'd like to encourage to try new foods. Imagine the delight when a big box arrives just for them, and the excitement when they discover the Kitch'n Kidz Chef's Hat, Apron, and Creativity Kit!

Check out the Kitch'n Kidz recipes you and your child can create and try together, and remember to tune in to the Kitch'n Kidz Dance Party playlist on Spotify. Before you know it, your little ones will be asking for fish!

  • 2 Lb. Atlantic Cod Club Pack
  • Kitch'n Kidz Chef Creativity Kit with Stickers, Coloring Pages, and Crayons 
  • Kitch'n Kidz Apron and Chef's Hat 
Customize Kitch'n Kidz Mini Medley
When kids are given the opportunity and are encouraged to "help" create something they're far more likely to try and enjoy it! Fruity Fun Fish Tacos anyone? :)
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