The City Pier Seafood Story

From dock to door, we give you more to love about seafood.
With every order, our reputation is on the line.

Our family-owned business has supplied the highest quality seafood to restaurants, fish markets and grocers for generations. We have decades-long relationships with harvesters and fishermen, and the knowhow to guarantee their catch arrives fresh, every time.

Now we’re bringing this quality seafood direct to your door.

Getting the best seafood shouldn’t feel like you're swimming upstream.

What was impossible for so many is now possible for all. Whether it’s where you live, or a lack of time that prevents you from savoring the world of flavor premium seafood unlocks, City Pier Seafood is here for you. We deliver only the highest-quality fish, shellfish and more—straight from the docks to your door.

The ingredients of a magical meal should be this simple.

Whether you're planning a night with friends, a dinner for two, or fish taco Tuesday, City Pier Seafood makes prepping for meals simple. Our assortment of seafood keeps things fresh in your kitchen, giving you the opportunity to pair the perfect dish with every occasion.

We go the extra nautical mile.

To us it’s not just about getting the best seafood to your door, although that is job one. We’re here to help you turn our catch into something magical with recipe ideas, expert advice, quick tips and more. We support you and want to help take your cooking to the next level. And - we’ll throw in some surprises from time to time to keep things fresh and fun.

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