White Shrimp
Our premium White Shrimp is raw, deveined and flash frozen in 2lb. Club Packs. Extra Jumbo Shrimp have tails-on and Large Shrimp, tails-off - perfect for a quick weeknight scampi. The quality of both is unrivaled!
Mexican Blue Shrimp
Known for their immense size and outstanding flavor profile, Mexican Blue Shrimp is native to the warm waters of the Pacific coast. The bright turquoise water gives them their native blue color making them the most exceptionally delicious crustaceans in the world.

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City Pier Shrimp offers something for everyone who loves premium shrimp. Fully cooked or grilled and ready-to-eat fresh, or frozen and recipe-ready. City Pier Extra Jumbo and Large Shrimp is nothing short of divine.